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School Excursion to Redeemer Lutheran College

Ken, Nicky and Steve took the show on the road to Redeemer Lutheran College in Rochedale for another 96five School Excursion!

By Justin RouillonFriday 25 Oct 2019School ExcursionsStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Another school excursion and another glorious Brisbane spring morning greeted the 96five team as Ken, Nicky and Steve shot down the M1 to Redeemer Lutheran College.

Located in Rochedale on Brisbane’s southside, the college was opened in 1980 and will be celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2020!

Redeemer is well known in the local community for their values of discipline, love and forgiveness, and has a great reputation for the care shown to it’s students and staff.

Lauren Krenske is both a chaplain and teacher at Redeemer and told 96five that the student body is always looking for ways to help others, especially through their Helping Hands Van.  The van is a way of giving back to the community by providing assistance to those in community housing and a women’s refuge.

Chappy Lauren speaks to Ken, Nicky & Steve about her dual role at Redeemer.

Chappy Lauren speaks to Ken, Nicky & Steve about her dual role at Redeemer.

“The kids who go out on the van are actively involved in preparing the van for the stops that we visit.  We make sandwiches and we also have a baking roster and these items help those in commission housing because often they’re down to their last few dollars.”

“Some people have had tough lives, letting them we know we love them for who they are is what we want the kids to see.”

Mrs Tanya Crooks is the principal of Redeemer Lutheran College and echoed the importance of community within the school.

“Redeemer has one of the best music programs in the state with over 50% of our students involved, but it’s not about the accolades.  It’s actually about how the students interact with each other across age groups.”

Principal Tanya talks to Ken, Nicky & Steve.

Listen to Principal Tanya Crooks speaking with Ken, Nicky & Steve in the audio player above.

Mrs Crooks told 96five that this value extends to all other parts of school life.

“For us it’s about how do we develop our God-given skills?  How do we connect those with each other? How do we then share that with the greater community and intersect with the world.”

You can experience Redeemer Lutheran College today at their open day today until 8pm, with hourly tours conducted throughout the day.  The main stage will be rocking from 3pm with a swag of live entertainment from the students, including musical performances, choirs, drama as well as a student film showcase.

Contact Redeemer on 3340 8888 or check out their website for more information.

Check out all the fun of our school excursion to Redeemer Lutheran College in the gallery below!