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School Excursion to Yarrabilba State School

Ken, Nicky & Steve took the show on the road heading south west to the new suburb of Yarrabilba and one of Queensland's newest schools.

By Justin RouillonFriday 13 Sep 201996five BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

There was a crispness in the spring air but we received such a warm welcome from one of Queensland’s newest schools.

The new suburb of Yarrabilba is nestled between Logan village and Jimboomba and the school is shiny and new, having opened its doors only last year.

Listen to Principal Lee chatting with 96five’s Ken, Nicky and Steve in the podcast player above.

Principal Lee Harrex is the Yarrabilba State School foundation principal and told 96five that the school is also one of the states fastest growing.

“We started with 375 students and that has grown now to over 700. The school is such a focal point for the emerging community in Yarrabilba.”

Principal Lee also spoke of the importance of having an established school in such a high growth area.

“We’re expecting to grow by around 200 to 300 students every year. When families arrive here and move into their new homes having a local school here ready has been a wonderful experience for them.”

Yarrabilba means ‘place of song’ in the Wangerriburra and Bundjalung language. The school choir lived up to the name!

With over 30 years service as a school principal, Lee is well placed to manage the challenges of a high growth school.

“This year we’ve welcomed our 27th new teacher!  In a new school it’s really important that people feel connected.”

“At Yarrabilba we’re all about connecting with our community, students and families as well as staff members connecting with each other.”

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