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2020’s First School Excursion to Daisy Hill State School

By 96five Friday 21 Feb 2020School Excursions

The ever popular 96five School Excursion kicked off for another year, with Ken and Nicky broadcasting live from Daisy Hill State School.

At almost 150 years old the school is one of the states oldest, and has moved location a number of times.  In fact the school for many years was known as Slacks Creek State School, before a name change in 2016 to better reflect the actual location.

Debbie Hinton is the principal of Daisy Hill State School and told Ken and Nicky that the school was currently fundraising for more air conditioners, but with a twist!

“We have a Run for Fun Colour Run to raise money, and if you raise the most money you get to choose whether you want to throw colour on the principal or a teacher of your choice!  It’s a great community event.”

Principal Deb also said that they’re continuing the community involvement with the establishment of a community hub in the school.

“Schools are the conduit in the community and the hub will invite people in to support our kids.  There’s a volunteer reading program which not only helps them with other kids but also their own children, teaching them reading in the home.  We want our parents to be more involved in the kid’s education.”

You can listen to Ken and Nicky chatting with Principal Deb in the audio player above, and to keep up to date with all the community activities from Daisy Hill State School you can follow them on Facebook.

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