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96five SOS Follow Up – Malcolm & Michelle [Audio]

By Justin RouillonThursday 25 Jun 2020SOS

Listen: Ken and Nicky let Malcolm and Michelle know how the community has gotten behind the couple.

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the story of Malcolm and Michelle (pictured above with 96five’s Bec Miegel, as the community reached out to them with a 96five SOS call.

Malcolm has spent the last 15 years working with young people as a chaplain in several Ipswich schools, but in April was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease or MND.

Malcolm and Michelle have six kids of their own, but have also opened their doors to plenty of other children over the years.  The couple have fostered a staggering 80 kids over the years with respite and long term care.  Clearly this is an amazing family, and even as the family faces their toughest challenge Malcolm is remaining positive.

“It makes God more real to me – more than just words in a book.  (The Bible says) that even though the outward body will perish, my inner man is renewed day by day, and that’s been my experience.”

One of the things that Malcolm and Michelle really wanted to do is a renewal of their wedding vows.  They are planning on doing this on August 22nd, while Malcolm is still able to walk down the aisle.

Malcolm, Michelle and their 6 kids.

So we put the call out to the 96five family to help with the special day.  We were overwhelmed with offers of help for this beautiful family.

We have to say a big thank you to the following listeners, organisations and businesses who have put their hands up to help:

  • 96five listener Esther has donated her time to hand make Michelle a dress
  • Element Hair Lounge in Ipswich have offered their services for the day
  • Three beautiful photographers have made themselves available to capture the day; thank you Greg Taylor from GT Photographics, Genevieve Rose Photography and Loren from Tall Timber Studios.  As well as donating his time for the renewal Greg is also donating a family shoot and large wall print (valued at $2000)
  • Anthony and the team at the French Patisserie are donating the cake
  • Leanne from Chrome Creative Industries is providing a band or DJ
  • 96five listener Belinda is providing handmade satin and organza flowers
  • Helen from Lydia’s Pop Up Shop has offered to donate any outfits for the day for the kids or family
  • Mick Bentham of The Bentham Foundation has donated a $1000 EFTPOS card to use for any extras needed, or for a second honeymoon
  • Joel Tuita who worked with Malcolm at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre wrote a song with some of the boys called United We Stand and they would love to sing it for Malcolm
  • Kylie and Jamie from Malcolm and Michelle’s childcare centre have offered to come and and spend time with the current foster kids during the day

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