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96five SOS For a Community Leader

By Justin RouillonWednesday 5 Aug 2020SOS

Main Image: June with Josh from Nosh Mowing & Gardening.  Listen: Ken & Nicky surprise June with a 96five SOS call.

Throughout Springfield and the Western Suburbs, June Johnson is known far and wide for her service to the community.

The Camira mum of four has long been involved with the Westside Community Care Network, prioritising helping others over time for herself.

June with her four children.

June’s daughter Kirsty told 96five that her Mum faced tragedy early on in life.

“Mum was raised in Salisbury in the ’50s and lost her mother to cancer when she was only 17.  She has always had to cope on her own and just “make it through”.  I am one of four children who love our mum so dearly; she’s brought all of us up with a great relationship with God and continues to bless those around her daily.”

In nominating June for a 96five SOS, Kirsty said that even though her Mum struggles with hypothyroidism which can leave her feeling exhausted, she will never accept help from anyone else.

Kirsty had a simple request – some help with June’s two acre lawn, and something that will help her relax.

Thanks to two amazing local businesses, that request has been filled!

This morning June received a 96five SOS call from Ken and Nicky to tell her that she was being sent off for a massage at The Lakes Massage in Springfield, just as Josh from Nosh Mowing & Gardening rode in on his mower to attack that huge lawn!

Carrie McDowall from The Lakes Massage at Springfield.

We need to say a big thank you to the two incredible local businesses that jumped on board to give June some downtime.

The Lakes Massage is the number one choice in Springfield Lakes for all your Remedial, Relaxation & Pregnancy Massage Therapies, conveniently located at Orion Shopping Centre.  Book online at thelakesmassage.com.au.

Nosh Mowing and Gardening specialise in lawn and garden care!  From big business to the backyard, Nosh Mowing and Gardening gardens with heart. Its NOSH or never.


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