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96five SOS – Help For A Young Saver

By Justin RouillonTuesday 5 May 2020SOS

When thieves broke into Tania’s house recently they took more than the items they stole.

They took the whole families sense of safety and security, something that has really affected Tania’s two autistic children Harry and Abby.  With remote learning and stay at home directives due to COVID-19, the family has been isolated at home, which has only added to the post break-in anxiety.

For Harry, the break in resulted in the loss of his beloved Xbox, a purchase that he had saved up for some time.


Tania told 96five’s Ken and Nicky that Harry was heartbroken over the loss.

“He was quite upset and wanted justice.  He just really wanted the thieves to be caught, but it’s unlikely they will.”

The break in has also had an impact on daughter Abby.

“They’re both autistic, so it’s quite different how they are both reacting, she’s just trying to not talk about it.”

When our friends at Harvey Norman Booval heard the families story, store manager Moses wanted to help by replacing the Xbox and also threw in a game to get Harry back on his gaming feet.  As it turned out it was a game that Harry had his heart set on!

Moses from Harvey Norman at Booval with 96five’s Bec Miegel.

They also included some books for Abby as we had been told that she was quite the bookworm!

With coronavirus restrictions still in place the drop off looked a little different to a normal 96five SOS, but the family were so excited to see Bec out on the footpath with the goodies!

We really need to say a big thank you to Harvey Norman at Booval for their kindness and generosity towards Tania and her family.   With Mother’s Day almost upon us, why not surprise Mum with the perfect gift from Harvey Norman.

If you’d like to nominate someone for a 96five SOS please get in touch with us.


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