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Easter Programming on 96five

By 96five Wednesday 8 Apr 2020

Easter has always been a special time of year at 96five, it’s the weekend that saved the world!

As social distancing and restrictions on public gatherings have forced church communities to meet together online, 96five will once again provide content that reflects the importance of Easter.  This year that message of hope is needed more than ever.

On Friday 96five’s Alex Milne will host a special broadcast from 6am, bringing you a Good Friday service direct to your lounge room, car or device.

Alex Milne, host of 96five’s Sunday Celebration.

The Good Friday broadcast will be followed by a special edition of Family Worship at 9am.  Paul Clark is the minister at Redcliffe Uniting Church, and is also heard on 96five as the At The Top guy.  Paul will be speaking on why Good Friday is such a magical event.

Paul Clark from Redcliffe Uniting Church.

On Sunday Alex Milne will be back on air from 6am with a special Easter installment of Sunday Celebration, which is the perfect way to start the day – you can even celebrate in your PJ’s!

Following Sunday Celebration at 9am,  Neil Storey from the Faith Works Uniting Community will bring you the Easter Sunday message on Family Worship.  He will be sharing the story of Easter, and in this current season we find ourselves in, will also look at Psalm 137.   This famous psalm recounts the Israelite’s exile in Babylon, with the psalmist asking the question ‘how can we sing a song of the Lord, while in a foreign land?’ Even though we find ourselves in a strange land, Neil will discuss how we can celebrate and worship across the Easter season.

Neil Storey from Faith Works Uniting Community.

This week and all Easter weekend you will also hear Easter reflections from some of Brisbane’s church leaders.

In previous years the messages have been recorded at the 96five studios, or on location by our team.  With this year’s restrictions the church leaders have all taken it upon themselves to record and we’d just like to say a big thanks to all involved for being so flexible this year.

Anglican Archbishop Phillip Aspinall recording an Easter greeting in 2018.

You can listen to the reflections below or on Soundcloud by clicking here.

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