Is the 96five Team OK? Will the Radio Station Survive? What is Our ‘Hope’ in This Crisis? – 96five Family Radio

Is the 96five Team OK? Will the Radio Station Survive? What is Our ‘Hope’ in This Crisis?

By Shaliysh RobinsonWednesday 25 Mar 2020

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, many listeners have reached out to 96five for prayer and support – and have also asked how we’re all doing. So Abby McPharlin caught up with our CEO Phillip Randall, for a chat about how we’re affected, and how we’ll manage the impact into the future. He also shared a very encouraging message of hope…

“We need to make sure we remain strong, to keep sending you and the community messages of hope, both now and in the future.”

Our on-air team is working hard to keep you informed with all the latest news, helpful advice for adjusting to these strange times, and also to keep things lighthearted and give you a laugh at times, too.

Our web team is creating amazing packages of info and resources, as well as encouraging articles, to help you navigate the next few months with your family.

And we’re also partnering with you in prayer, through Keep Calm & Pray.

“We want to pray for you and your circumstance, we want to pray for our community together, and we want to pray for those who are working so hard to keep us all safe,” said Phillip. “We want to stand with you in this and journey through these next months with you, as we’ve done in the past.”

We’re in this together!

“We want to go on this journey, do life with you, over the next weeks and months, for as long as this particular situation lasts,” said Phillip.

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