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Nominate Someone Now For a 96five SOS

By Justin RouillonThursday 2 Jul 202096five Breakfast

It’s been a tough year all round, and we’ve all been impacted in some way by the changes in our world.

Do you know someone who’s been affected by the coronavirus shutdowns, or the economic climate?

Or maybe you know a family who’s been hit hard by a medical diagnosis or personal tragedy?

Ken Nicky and Steve with SOS recipients Jason and Sherie

The 96five SOS program helped Jason and Sherie in a very practical way.

Let them know that the community is standing with them by nominating them for a 96five SOS.

Click here to let us know who needs a lift.

96five’s SOS program has been running for around ten years and is a segment within our Breakfast Show that is designed to provide encouragement and practical assistance for a family or person who has been doing it tough. The program has impacted hundreds of lives across our city thanks largely to some very generous sponsors and businesses who partner with 96five.

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