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Resources for Dad From 96five & Dad’s Group

Ahead of Father's Day 2020, 96five has teamed up with Dad's Group to create some resources to encourage the Dad in your life.

By Justin RouillonSaturday 29 Aug 2020Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Ahead of Father’s Day 2020, 96five has teamed up with Dad’s Group to create some resources to encourage the Dad in your life.

Dads Group is an online and face to face support network that helps new fathers transition into their role as dads.  It was founded by Sunshine Coast father of three Thomas Docking, after he found that help for new fathers was essentially non-existent after the birth of his first child.

Thomas was a finalist in the 2019 Queensland Father of the Year Awards, and you can read more, and listen to Thomas speaking about his passion to support dads and families here.  


Thomas also hosted a special Dads Group just for the 96five dads.You can watch the full session below, as Ken, Steve and the two Tims reflect on their own fatherhood journeys.

You can also listen to, or download a podcast of this session below.

96five · The 96five Dads Group Podcast


If you’re time poor….because kids, why not watch the best bits of the Dads Group Session below, as the 96five Dads reflect on their own fatherhood story, the sacrifices that come with being a dad, and how you can support both your partner and family.



More Resources for New or Expecting Dads

You can find out more information about joining in a Dads Group here.

SMS4Dads – Built specifically for Dads, this SMS service sends you the important info you need direct to your phone.

Dadvice – This is a four-part video series following a group of everyday Aussies as they become Dads. Also includes other helpful tips.

Dads Handbook: A Guide to the First 12 Months – This free pdf is packed with good info to help guide you through the first 12 months of being a parent.

The New Baby Manual, For Dads – If your car comes with 24hr roadside assistance, surely a new baby should have some kind of instruction manual or support service? Well now it does. Check out this light-hearted but useful guide for new babies!

The Father Hood – This Australian site is packed with articles that help Fathers navigate to their best lives.

Becoming a Dad: Adjusting to Fatherhood – Becoming a parent is one of the biggest adjustments you’ll ever make in life, and these articles and videos provide some great insight into how to prepare.

The Fathering Project – This is another resource developed specifically for Aussie Dads.