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Thanks Brisbane For Supporting the 96five June Appeal

By 96five Tuesday 30 Jun 2020

Listen to the final moments of the June Appeal in the audio player above.

Pointing out that we’re all in this together is fast becoming the cliché of 2020.  But it’s still true, and in times of trials we need to stick together more than ever.

Through bushfires, floods, pandemic and now a recession Aussies have worked together to support each other through a year like no other.

As 96five started to plan and prepare for our annual June appeal, we had no idea how it would all play out.  We’ll be honest – asking for money during one of the worst economic crises in our nation’s history is a tough thing to do.

Ken & Nicky broadcasting on the final day of the 2020 June Appeal.

But the reality is that without these fundraising events, 96five would simply not exist.  We are licensed as a community station, with restrictions on the amount of sponsorship revenue that we can generate, and receive no government funding.

So your support is critical in keeping 96five on the air.  Thank you for your partnership during the June financial appeal which has been an astounding success!

The target of $900,000 has been reached, which was unthinkable only weeks ago.

Arthur Muhl is the General Manager of 96five and said that the overwhelming support was an affirmation of the daily message of hope broadcast to Brisbane.

“Our team has worked hard to reassure, inspire and bring the community together through these difficult times. In partnership with our listeners 96five can continue to reach the lost, the lonely and the hurting across the city, and beyond.”

During the appeal we heard the stories of many listeners such as Ariana.  She told us how she was forced to move her family out of their house due to a racially motivated attack.

“I was sitting on the side of the road crying and praying, and I was like – God if you don’t come through for me I don’t know if I can continue this journey.  I recently lost a baby, and the whole COVID situation has been tough.  I turned on the radio and there was a sermon playing, and it talked to me about healing.  It was 96five that I was listening to and I was able to get some encouragement and find my way forward.  I was encouraged not to give up and to keep trying.”

96five’s Karina Lanzon in the Tally Room.

Although buoyed by the success of the June appeal, 96five CEO Phillip Randall said that the station would continue to face challenges in the wake of the coronavirus led recession.

“The business community has been hit hard by the COVID-19 shutdowns.  We’ve seen the impacts of the pandemic on many other media outlets, and 96five is not immune from that – there’s been a significant decrease in the area of sponsorship which is crucial in keeping the station on-air.”

So thanks for your support in keeping Brisbane’s 96five on the air, as together we reach the city with a message of hope.

You can continue to stand with your 96five by remembering the station in prayer, volunteering or offering ongoing financial support.




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