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The 2nd Virtual School Excursion With Griffin State School

With all Queensland students set to head back to school on Monday, we fired up the laptop for another Virtual School Excursion with Griffin State School.

By Justin RouillonFriday 22 May 2020School ExcursionsStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

We fired up the laptop for the second Virtual School Excursion, this time featuring Griffin State School!

Located on Brisbane’s north side, Griffin State School is one of the cities newest having opened in 2016.

Vicki Baker is the Griffin principal and told 96five’s Ken and Nicky that the school’s staff was looking forward to welcoming back students who have been undertaking remote learning on Monday.

You can listen to Principal Vicki’s interview in the audio player above.

“The most important thing in our school community is relationships.  Getting (the students) happy, safe and ready to learn will be the priority; with great teaching and learning everything else will take care of itself.  That number one thing will be reconnecting, our young ones need to reconnect with their friends as well as the staff in this gorgeous school community.”

Principal Vicki said she was proud of the school’s response to the unprecedented situation that staff and students found themselves in towards the end of term one.

“The speed at some of these changes is something that we’ve never experienced before, but because of the schools great connections and relationships, we’ve been able to make decisions that are informed.  We go on the best advice and we’re doing the very best we can to reconnect our community in a safe way.”

It’s also important that parents work with teachers and school administrators as schools start to get back to some kind of normal.

“We’re in this together – if you’re worried connect with your child’s classroom teacher and share that.  We’re here to support and schools will do everything we can because it’s about partnership.”

Max Futcher from 7NEWS Brisbane also joined the virtual school excursion along with daughter Stella who was setup for her final day of homeschooling!

“The amazing thing through all of this has been the amount of effort put in by everybody.  The kids have been so resilient considering whats been going on, and the parents have had to step up and do something quite foreign to them while doing their work themselves.  And the teachers have been giving feedback for all the kids work and have been working into the night to get that done!”

Thanks to everyone from Griffin State School and our friends at 7NEWS for making this morning’s virtual school excursion a huge success!