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96five Partners With Catholic Mission for Socktober 2021

This year the focus is on Thailand and the Good Shepherd Sisters in Bangkok, who work to care for and educate young mothers and their children.

By Justin RouillonFriday 8 Oct 2021Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Catholic Mission’s Schools Program, Socktober, inspires those involved to make a real difference, while having fun, keeping fit and learning about key social justice issues in the world.  

Socktober engages students, their families, and the whole school community together in a fun, interactive mission, and social justice program, with the initiative seeing students kicking goals for kids in need during World Mission Month (October).

Sue Williams is the Youth & Schools Engagement Officer for Catholic Mission, and told 96five’s Ken and Nicky that students can get an idea of what life is like for their counterparts in developing countries through the world game of soccer.

“They learn their stories and then they can take concrete action to support them.  One of the things we invite students to do as part of Socktober is to create their own soccer ball from recycled materials.

“This is a way for them to understand what life is like for young people in developing countries.  It also leads to same great conversations around the five basic needs – if this is something that young people don’t have access to, then what else might they not have access to.”

Children playing with a recycled soccer ball in South East Asia (Catholic Mission).

Although the bulk of the activities take place during October, Sue said that the initiative got students thinking about social justice and missions year round.

“We look at this as a journey with schools; many of the schools have been preparing for this for many months and it enables them to think more deeply about why they’re engaging with Socktober.”

This year the focus is on Thailand and much of the fundraising will support mothers and babies in Bangkok.

“The Good Shepherd Sisters run a home for mums and babies as well as a Kindergarten.  It’s set up for those vulnerable people in Bangkok where they can really see the value in their children receiving an education.”

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For more information on how you can support or get involved with Socktober, visit the Socktober website.