"Bravery Box Has an Immediate, Positive Impact for Children" - 96five's Heart of Christmas - 96five Family Radio

“Bravery Box Has an Immediate, Positive Impact for Children” – 96five’s Heart of Christmas

Ken & Nicky spoke to Shane and Tanya from Bravery Box about how they support and inspire kids with cancer and undergoing painful treatments and interventions.

By Justin RouillonMonday 29 Nov 202196five BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Shane Richards (left) and Tanya Allan from Bravery Box.

“We went into the world of childhood cancer and it happens at warp speed.”

That’s Bravery Box founder Tanya Allan on the day she was told that her daughter Lara had leukemia, beginning an 800 day treatment journey.

On that day Tanya met paediatric oncology nurse Shane Richards, and an idea was birthed to help kids with cancer face their fears and anxiety.  Shane, who has spent almost three decades working with sick children, already had a bravery box operating.  It was a way of encouraging and rewarding kids ahead of what could often be painful and traumatic treatment.

But the box was only stocked by Shane and some other oncology staff, with supplies often drying up.  So Tanya took it on herself to ensure that the box was always stocked with the formation of the Bravery Box charity.

“That box was amazing and it had some great things in it, but often it was slim pickings,” Tanya told 96five’s Ken and Nicky.  “It was tricky for a few people to keep it consistent, so my husband and I on that day decided to run a toy drive and get plenty of toys to fill it for a few months.”

“Since that day there has never been a shortage of the community wanting to help – Bravery Box gives the community a chance to support families who’ve had a childhood cancer diagnosis.”

You can support a child undergoing cancer treatment with a donation of toys, or a teenager with a gift card,  and you can help their parents out with a donation of toiletry and hygiene items.

Click here to read more and for a list of suggested items.

You can drop off your donations to the 96five studios at 81 Mina Parade, Alderley between 9am and 3pm every weekday until Friday December 10.

Listen to the full interview with Tanya and Shane in the audio player above.