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Thank You Brisbane! You Gave 4016 Miracles!

96five listeners have once again stepped up to the plate, providing thousands of sight saving surgeries in developing countries.

By Justin RouillonFriday 20 Aug 2021Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Thank you Brisbane, for changing the life of someone in a developing country.

Because of your partnership on Miracles Day you have been able to provide 4016 miracles (as at 9am, Friday August 20) and that figure is still rising!


Your donations have done more than just provide sight saving surgery, you have changed someone’s life.  Your $33 donation could mean that a child can go back to school and receive an education, or a parent can now support their family.

Take nine-year-old Efril from the Philippines – not only was she born with cataracts in both eyes, leaving her almost blind, but so were almost all of her family members: her mum Rosanna (29), her sisters Rowela (7) and Grashela (5) and her brother Frenrick (2).  

Efril’s parents have been worried about her, and her brother and sisters, but they are so poor that they haven’t been able to take their children to see a doctor. They just can’t spare the money to spend on this, when earning enough to feed the family is a battle.

They have no idea that their children are blind  because of cataracts, which could be easily removed with a quick surgery.

Efril sits on a hospital bed.

Worried about Efril, a teacher at her school decided to help. She noticed that Efril often came to school without a snack, and knew the family didn’t have any money to get Efril help for her eyesight. Unable to see the blackboard, Efril fell further and further behind at school.  

Her teacher found out Efril could get help through CBM’s partner, and organised for Efril and her sister to be seen. Efril’s father was stunned someone would do this for his family. 

Back at home after her surgery, life is looking up for Efril. She is already way more independent than before – no longer needing her father or her younger sister to lead her down the street to the school or a shop. And she’s excited that her other family members might also get surgery too.

There’s still time to give a miracle – it’s quick, secure and simple to donate online, or you can phone 131 226.