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4296 Lives Changed This Miracles Day

Thank you Brisbane for stepping up and providing thousands of sight saving surgeries in developing countries.

By Steff WillisFriday 19 Aug 2022Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Because of your generosity on Miracles Day, you have been able to provide 4296 miracles.

In fact, that number is still rising.


96five has teamed up once again with CBM to provide the miracle of sight to those in developing countries. It only takes $33 to cover a 12-minute surgery that people in poverty can not afford on their own.

CBM is a Christian organisation devoted to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the poorest places on earth. Around 94 million people worldwide have cataracts. The majority of people with cataracts live in low-income countries, where people remain blind because they cannot afford the surgery needed.

96five's Jess Drummond on Miracles Day 2022

96five’s Jess Drummond on Miracles Day 2022

Your donations have done more than just provide sight saving surgery, you have changed someone’s life.

Your $33 gift means that a child can go back to school and receive an education, or a parent can now support their family.

Take nine-year-old Sabina from Nepal. Sabina has had a tough life so far.. When Sabina was one, her father caught Typhoid and passed away. Her mum Devi is now a single mum left with the burden of supporting Sabina and her grandmother.

School was the bright spot in Sabina’s life. She loved going to school and dreamt of becoming a teacher. Unfortunately, Sabina developed cataracts and was devastated when her teacher told her not to return to school.

Sabina - CBM Miracles Day Cataract Surgery Recipient

Sabina is a Miracles Day cataract surgery recipient (Source: CBM)

Thanks to people like you, Sabina was able to see again. She received free surgery to remove the cataracts because of people’s generosity on Miracles Day.

“I can see better now. I could also see the texts properly. Thank you Australia! Thank you for my Miracle!” – Sabina

She’s now back at school and is so grateful for her miracle.

We’re so grateful to our 96five listeners for once again answering the call and giving people hope and dignity through a Miracles Day surgery.

There’s still time to give a miracle – it’s quick, secure and simple to donate online, or you can phone 131 226.