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Hope Remains on 96five Thanks to Your Incredible Generosity

As 96five’s EOFY Appeal comes to a close, we want to say a huge thank you for your generosity!

By Steff WillisThursday 30 Jun 2022Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Thank you for Uniting in Hope! Because of your financial investment, 96five can continue to broadcast a message of hope to our city and beyond.

Being a listener funded community radio station, put simply, without your generosity, 96five wouldn’t exist.

There have been so many powerful stories shared throughout the month from people who have been blessed by 96five.

“I came across your station and I didn’t know it was religious in any way I just was listening to it for a few days and then suddenly I heard some stuff about church and the Lord and I thought, wow. I really resonated with it and I actually then started going to church from Good Friday and then I’ve been going ever Sunday since” Cathy

Or perhaps you heard Winnie’s story. Winnie is facing an incredibly challenging situation but is finding hope through 96five (listen below).

With gifts still coming in online, we finished the on-air appeal at 83.7% funded towards a $1.2mill target. Thank you again to those who have given sacrificially, rising to the occasion and joining a community of people who believe wholeheartedly in the importance of Christian media and bringing a constant message of encouragement, inspiration and hope – in your 96five.

We also want to acknowledge and say a huge thank you to our amazing volunteers, who gave their time to assist in answering the phone, processing donations and baking tasty goodies to help motivate our team.

Mostly though, we say thank you to you. Your generosity is what keeps this station on air but more importantly, broadcasting a vital message of hope to the city of Brisbane.

You can give to 96five anytime by visiting www.96five.com/donate