Thank You for Supporting the Unite in Hope Appeal - 96five Family Radio

Thank You for Supporting the Unite in Hope Appeal

Your support ensures that 96five remains on air and online with a message of hope to Brisbane and beyond.

By 96five Friday 17 Jun 2022Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

We’re blown away by your generosity, partnering financially to ensure 96five can continue to be a voice of hope in Brisbane.

96five relies on the support of listeners like you to stay on air. We’re licensed as a community station and there’s restrictions on the amount of sponsorship revenue we can generate so our Unite in Hope Appeal is an important week for the station. Thank you for showing up and being generous – we couldn’t do it without you.

The best part? Hearing your stories of how 96five has made a difference in your world.

“Back in 2019 I got put on stress leave for anxiety and right before that for months on end the only thing that would actually relax me enough to get to work would be listening to 96five. In the end I was actually have heart palpitations driving to work and what would stop them is focussing on the radio and listening to what you guys had to say because otherwise my brain just went everywhere. One time, right when I needed it there was a song that would be playing and somehow it play regardless of what time I left of a morning it would somehow play right before I got out of the car. It was what I needed to hear at that time.” Bridget

“I’ve had some pretty terrible life circumstances over the last while and I was scrolling through the radio stations, you seem to come into my life at the right time when I really needed help. Not only do I hugely love and believe in the message of positivity that you share, you reintroduced me to the church and to God and I really appreciate all the help you have given me. You have no idea how much this station and your messages have support me recently.” Brendan

“About three years ago I was in a really horrible breakdown of marriage, a domestic violence situation with two little people with me and you guys have given me and my family so much. I’m not particularly well off and I dug deep today to give back to something that’s really important in my life.” Selena

Because of your generosity, we were able to raise just over $594,000 this week, just shy of half of our budgeted need for 96five. If you haven’t made your gift yet, you have until June 30 to take advantage of tax deductibility. You can make your secure donation via the 96five donation page.

In the meantime, check out some of the highlights from an incredible week with our team and amazing volunteers.

All photos taken by Sarah Clearwater.