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Honouring Rev. Clive Davis – His Caravan & 96five

From delivering death notices to spreading a message of hope on air, Rev. Clive Davis was a man on a mission.

By Steff WillisFriday 24 Feb 2023Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

96five exists today because of the vision and sacrifice of people like Clive Davis.

Rev. Clive Davis recently passed away but has left an incredible legacy, helping start 96five, then known as Family Radio.

96five’s Ken and Nicky got to catch up with his son, Chris Davis to hear more about Clive’s vision for Christian radio in Brisbane.

“It’s quite amazing to listen to 96five today and to realise how it began in those early days” Chris said.

When Dad was a teenager he had to deliver telegrams during the war where people would get the news of their loved one dying in battle and I think that really shaped Dad.

He wanted to do something meaningful with his life to bring comfort to people and I guess what he saw was this vision for a radio station to be able to not just play music but be able to bring a real message of hope to people.

“What he saw was a vision for a radio station to be able to not just play music but be able to bring a real message of hope to people” – Chris Davis

In 1974 The Whitlam Government introduced FM radio, allowing improved sound quality and the licensing of additional radio stations, many of which will be community owned. Not long after, a group of passionate people who wanted to provide every home in Brisbane with a Christian alternative came up with what is now known as 96five.

In 1977 a permit was secured for a temporary transmission and Family Radio’s first segment, a 3-hour musical program compiled by Ron Clarke went to air from the Arana Hills Baptist Community site. In 1982 Family Radio received a temporary license and the first seven-day continuous broadcast occurred in a studio set up in a family caravan.

That caravan belonged to Clive Davis and his family.

“I was about Grade One and I remember listening to my Dad on the radio and that kind of blew me away a little bit” Chris said.

“We used to have this old Chesney caravan and I remember all of us kids having to clean it out because of the excitement that 96five was able to do their first test broadcast.”

Rev. Clive Davis along with his incredible service to the ministry of 96five served numerous other churches around Southeast Queensland. He leaves an incredible legacy.

“He loved Jesus and that’s what is getting all of the family through that we know Dad’s in a better place.”

Rev. Clive Davis at work

Photo: Supplied by Clive’s family

Chris Davis welcomes anyone who knew his Dad to feel welcome at his funeral being held at Mansfield Baptist Church, this Monday 27th February from 11am.

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