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Over 15,000 Children Fed for a Month on Take Away Hunger Day 2023

Thank you Brisbane! Because of your generosity, 15,929 refugee children in Uganda now have access to urgent meals and so much more.

By 96five Friday 25 Aug 2023Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

The number of people without enough food to eat is racing towards 1 billion around the world but a dent was made on Take Away Hunger Day 2023.

Because of your generosity and our partnership with Feed the Hungry, 15,929 (and counting) refugee children now have access to a hot nutritious meal and so much more.

You’re giving them more than a meal – you’re giving them the start of a hope-filled future. These children can now get an education, hear the Gospel and see Jesus’ love in action.

96five’s Ken Green caught up with Ben Evans from Feed the Hungry to hear about the success of Take Away Hunger Day 2023 and how they surpassed their national target of feeding 100,000 children.

“I just know that these children who come into our program on the brink of starvation, their life is going to be rescued” Ben said.

“Their life is going to turn around and that simple donation of $6 to feed a child for a month is actually going to turn them around, give them an education and it’s going to give us a chance to share the love of Jesus that knows no bounds or limits.”

Feed the Hungry was founded by Dr. Lester Sumrall and is a Christian organisation that has been helping those in need since 1987, feeding the bodies, minds and souls of hungry children and families so they can know life to the full in Jesus. Their unique pastor-to-pastor, church-to-church approach ensures that your contributions reach those who need it most, while sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Thank you Brisbane for showing up and being generous – lives have been changed because of your generosity.

It’s not too late either. For just $6, you can provide enough meals to feed a refugee child for a whole month. $60 feeds 10 hungry children for a month. Donate now to Feed the Hungry.

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