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Steff & Micah Search for Answers in 96five’s New Podcast, 52Q

52Q is the podcast that looks for answers to the big and little questions of life with new questions and experts each week.

By Steff WillisWednesday 20 Dec 202352Q with Steff & MicahStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Steff Willis and Micah Gibson have a ton of questions about life, so they’ve decided to get some answers!

52Q is a brand new 96five podcast that looks for answers to the big and little questions of life. Hosted by 96five’s afternoons presenter, Steff Willis alongside Micah Gibson, will tackle a different question each week with an expert in their field.

From questions about buying your first home to how to avoid burnout or how to set healthy social media boundaries, 52Q is a chance to ask your questions and to hopefully get some answers.

“I’m not even much of a podcast person to be perfectly honest” Micah shared when asked about the inspiration behind the podcast.

“I do have questions about life, big ones and little ones, and the more I talked to friends and colleagues I realised that I’m not the only one with questions. And so I came up with the idea of taking real questions from real people and asking real life experts, and to do this every week. Hence the name 52Q. A question a week.”

“The goal of this wasn’t even necessarily to answer every question, but it was to at least start the journey of asking and discovering more about myself and the world we live in.”

52Q Podcast Hosts, 96five's Steff Willis and Micah Gibson

52Q Podcast Hosts, 96five’s Steff Willis and Micah Gibson

Each week Steff and Micah will sit down with entrepreneurs, psychologists, pastors and hope to go beyond the search engine.

“I’m annoyingly curious” Steff Willis said.

“I love asking questions and getting to the heart of the matter and I so desperately want to learn and grow year on year, but it doesn’t always feel like there’s a safe place to ask your questions”.

“Our podcast guests are so brilliant but they’re also down to earth and facing the same pressures that you and I experience”.

New episodes drop every Monday morning starting 1 January 2024, so make sure you subscribe in your podcast app, and start your week off right with 52Q.

52Q is a production of Brisbane’s 96five. To find more podcasts like this, search for 96five in your podcast app, or visit the 96five podcast page.