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Thank You for Ensuring 96five is Here For Good

Brisbane, thank you for your generosity!

By Steff WillisFriday 10 Nov 2023Station NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

We’re so grateful! Thank you for partnering financially to ensure 96five is Here For Good and can continue to be a voice of hope in Brisbane.

If you were able to give this appeal, thank you for saying YES and getting behind a message of hope for Brisbane! If you were one of the prayer warriors who were faithfully and diligently praying through the appeal – thank you!

96five relies on the support of listeners like you to stay on air. We’re licensed as a community station and there’s restrictions on the amount of sponsorship revenue we can generate so our Here For Good Appeal is an important week for the station.

This November Appeal is unique as funds raised also go towards 96five’s Building Project. Thanks to God’s incredible goodness, some savings and the generosity of a group of donors, earlier this year we purchased a property at 6 Moorak Street, Taringa.

The tally room has officially closed however the Here For Good November Appeal runs until the end of November. If you haven’t made your gift yet, you have until the end of November to take advantage of tax deductibility. You can make your secure donation via the 96five donation page.

Your gift to 96five will help make history.

This is a significant milestone in the history of 96five and is a culmination of decades of prayer and investment on many levels. Moving from a temporary location into our own “home” brings stability and sustainability to the ministry’s long-term future.

Thankfully the Ground Floor has undergone recent renovations however Level 1 of the building requires extensive renovation to not only bring it up to code and a habitable space, but to build new, purpose-built broadcast and production studios. This will include new wiring, connectivity, sound proofing (including glazing, airlocks and flooring), and a LIVE recording space.

Thank you for being generous and for your investment in this building project and the ongoing work of 96five – we couldn’t do it without you.

The best part? Hearing your stories of how 96five has made a difference in your world and why you’ve chosen to support this ministry.

Approximately 15 years ago my husband left our marriage and the heartbreak I experienced was life changing. In that journey I found 96five and it gave me much needed comfort. For little bits I could leave behind the harsh cruel world I was experiencing. I am grateful I can listen to the beautiful music and kind hearted messages being delivered every day.

As very long time daily listeners, we would hate to see 96 five off the air. We love everything that is happening and enjoy the LIVING HOPE which comes from this station. Many times the messages we receive through Real Hope and my Daily Verse are so uplifting. May God richly bless this ministry and all who contribute to it.
Darryl and Ann.

I am a widow to 3 beautiful children who moved to Australia this May from Middle East. Born and bought up in the Middle East, we don’t have a Christian radio station there and having one here is such a blessing. Listening to the right thing in the morning before starting work is a blessing. Lot of us who work in the Middle East don’t have this privilege….. So I would do anything to support this to STAY!!!!!!!

We moved to Brisbane nearly a year ago and although we generally don’t listen to radio, we stumbled on 96.5 and thank God we did. Since then, 96.5 is on in our house and refreshes our souls with new hope and positivity each day. We feel part of something special and a new family, especially as we are physically away from our own families. The Sunday morning service is an extra special treat which we play every week and really helps us on those weeks where we can’t get to Church in person.