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A Surprise 96five SOS for Amber and Her Family

Amber, a super mom battling health issues while caring for her family, received a surprise treat from 96five's SOS program.

By Steff WillisTuesday 4 Jun 2024Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

It’s been a tough season for Amber and her family.

While working several jobs and trying to maintain her study, Amber has been looking after her four kids including her daughter who recently had to have a tumor removed. Amber has been facing her own health battles too after recently being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and dealing with osteoarthritis in her neck and chronic pain.

96five’s Erin nominated Amber, who cleans her house on occasion and has seen her journey firsthand.

“I’ve watched her walk through this with the kids over the last few years” Erin shared after teeing Amber up to clean her house so the 96five team could surprise her.

“I just really think that she’s incredible. She’s a wonder woman. She’s a super mum.

“We just wanted to bless her, to give back a little bit of what she gives to everyone else.

Thanks to all our generous supporters and sponsors, the family can enjoy some quality time together as well as some relaxation for Amber. Thanks to The Manor at Mt Tamborine the family can enjoy a mid-week stay and then spend a day out at Summer Land Camels together. They’ve also got $150 to spend at Nandos as well as a City Cave Float voucher for Amber.

“I’m very humbled” Amber shared with 96five’s Ken and Nicky when they gave her a call.

“You guys have made my day, my week, my year”

Know someone in need? Nominate them for a 96five SOS

96five’s SOS program has been running for over twelve years and is a segment within Brissy Brekky that is designed to provide encouragement and practical assistance for a family or person who has been doing it a bit tough.

The program has impacted hundreds of lives across our city thanks largely to some very generous sponsors and businesses who partner with 96five.

If you want to nominate someone or come on board as a business sponsor, get in touch with us today.