‘HOPE for Everyone’ EOFY Appeal hits 100% - THANK YOU! - 96five Family Radio

‘HOPE for Everyone’ EOFY Appeal hits 100% – THANK YOU!

Thanks for ensuring 96five can continue bringing hope to Brisbane and beyond through our EOFY fundraising appeal!

By Steff WillisFriday 14 Jun 2024Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Update: 1st July 2024

In the last few hours of June 30, your 96five fueled by incredible generosity from South-East QLD and beyond, tipped just beyond 100% of the funding goal for the EOFY appeal.

Your financial gift and prayers make hope possible for almost half a million people every month not only through 96.5FM, but through online streaming, on-demand content, online and social media content and on the ground ministry such as Prayer, Brissie Brekky Club’s, strategic partnerships and community activities.

Thank you Brisbane!!

Friday 14th June 2024

If you were able to give this appeal, thank you for saying YES and getting behind a message of hope for Brisbane! If you were one of the prayer warriors who were faithfully and diligently praying through the appeal – thank you!

When you give to 96five, you make hope possible for more than 400,000 people every month.

We’re licensed as a community broadcaster and there’s restrictions on the amount of sponsorship revenue, we can generate so our End of Financial Year Appeal is an important time for the station.

At the time of writing your 96five is 65.5 per cent funded, with some way to go to reach the mid-year fundraising goal.

I have supported 96.5 for some now. It helped me through dark times and at one point listening was the intervention I needed to not take what is laughingly called the easy way out. I heard Casting Crowns song “Just be held” and that was the game changer – Mark

If you haven’t made your gift yet, you have until June 30 to take advantage of tax deductibility.  You can make your secure donation via the 96five donation page.

Here’s just some of the stories we’ve heard this week as we asked Brisbane to provide Hope for Every One and support the work of 96five.

I’ve grown up listening to 96.5. It’s been so influential in my life. I’m now married and 96.5 is something that still connects my family together because we can say “did you hear this on the radio?” And laugh over funny skits and moments together. My mum and I can bond over the radio together even when we are apart. Kelsey

I have learnt and understood so much more about Gods love since listening to your radio station. Thank you and God’s blessing. Anonymous

Although I’m not a Christian yet listening to your station has become a week-day ritual for me and my children on the way to school and work. We love the songs and stories that you share as they are so inspiring and touching, it’s like having a hot chocolate in a freezing day. Keep up the good work! We really appreciate your efforts spreading love and light to this world. – Lisa