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Thanks for an Overwhelming Response to Spread the Warmth 2024

Show your support for women escaping domestic violence this Mother's Day by purchasing a warm robe for Spread the Warmth 2024.

By Steff WillisTuesday 16 Apr 2024Station NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

Tuesday 7th May 2024

Wow! Thank you Brisbane!

This has been our best response to Spread the Warmth since we started 6 years ago with over 250 robes coming into our studios in the last two weeks with more at other drop off locations!

Brisbane Domestic Violence Service, an activity of Micah Projects will be able to distribute these robes to women who have fled domestic violence and who are spending Mother’s Day in transitional accommodation.

Thanks to the team from SciFleet Toyota who are collecting the robes from the various drop off locations around Brisbane and ensuring they make it in time for Mother’s Day.

Tuesday 16th April 2024

Now in in its 6th year, 96five is proud to continue our partnership with Brisbane Domestic Violence Service for Spread the Warmth.

Domestic violence is a massive issue in Australia with Our Watch revealing that on average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner. 1 in 6 women as well as 1 in 16 men have experienced physical or sexual violence from a current or former partner. The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that an estimated 8 million Australians (41%) have experienced violence (physical and/or sexual) since the age of 15.

These statistics are alarming and this year we once again have the opportunity to make a difference. This Mother’s Day you can show women who have fled domestic violence that they are loved and cared for through Spread the Warmth.

Grab a new, comfy robe from your local department store and drop it to 96five or one of the drop off locations around Brisbane listed below. This robe will go to women who have fled domestic violence and who are spending Mother’s Day in transitional accommodation.

The Brisbane Domestic Violence Service (BDVS) is an activity of Micah Projects, and is a dedicated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, domestic and family violence support service.

Spread the Warmth 2023

Ken, Steff, Jess, Nicky, Arthur and Joe with the robes from Spread the Warmth 2023

96five’s Ken and Nicky caught up with Belinda Cox from BDVS about the importance and impact of Spread the Warmth.

“It’s important to consider the fact that May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month” Belinda said.

“It’s kind of a sad coincidence, that Mother’s Day does fall within May. Women in crisis accommodation, women fleeing domestic and family violence, don’t necessarily have that opportunity to take a moment for themselves. The children don’t have an opportunity to go buy a gift for mum”.

“We couldn’t really have the volume that we have and the response that we have without you so we’re, as always, incredibly grateful for your participation and thank you to all your listeners” – Belinda Cox, Brisbane Domestic Violence Service

Belinda explained that the robes are a way to let Mum’s know that they’re special and worth celebrating.

“They’ve been told that they’re not capable, that they’re not good mums. They’ve been told that they’re worthless”.

“This is about the community really spreading the warmth, wrapping a big virtual kind of hug around them in the form of donating money or purchasing robes to give to women for Mother’s Day, just to remind them that we do care.”

Drop off your brand new, unwrapped robes (a variety of sizes is appreciated) to the 96five studios or other drop off locations below between Friday 19th April to Friday 3rd May. Alternatively, you can place an order online from a store and set the delivery address for 81 Mina Parade, Alderley.

Spread the Warmth 2024 Location Drop Offs

96five has an additional drop off location thanks to RT Appliance Repairs in Caboolture. They are located at 11 Cardinal Circuit and request you call ahead (07 5330 0068 or 0419 651 283) to ensure someone is in the office.

If you can’t get to the studio or would prefer instead to donate to Micah Projects, visit the website. A donation of $25 helps to buy one robe for an isolated mum this Mother’s Day.

Listen to the full interview with Belinda Cox in the player above.