Thank you for Building a Legacy - First Stage Funded - 96five Family Radio

Thank you for Building a Legacy – First Stage Funded

A lot can happen in 3 days! Thank you for responding so generously to 96five's Building Hope Appeal!

By Steff WillisFriday 8 Mar 2024Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

On Wednesday we opened the mics hoping to close the funding gap and be able to start the first stage of the building refurbishment at 96five’s new, permanent home in Taringa.

The original on-air target of $150,000 was the minimum amount needed to get the project underway and was a part of a much bigger strategy off-air – the number required to finish the first stage of the refurbishment and construction of the first stage of studios and production suites at Moorak Street will be almost double this figure.

But thanks to incredible, unexpected and humbling generosity by many of you, the listeners and supporters of 96five, you blew the original target out of the water, which means not only can we start Stage 1, but we now have the funds to finish the first stage.

I came back to Christ on January 2023 after 19 years in the wilderness. On that morning, I had tuned in to 96.5 and recommitted my life to Christ – Mark

What a privilege to be a part of this new chapter in 96five’s story. I love the genuine compassion and joy that oozes out of the radio from all of the presenters and community members’ stories. God bless you and your ministry – Kaylene

The total amount raised at the close of broadcast 7pm on Friday was $316,000.

Thank you for your faithfulness to this ministry. You’ve captured and championed the vision of what it will mean for 96five, a Christian Media ministry to have a purpose-built, permanent home in this city.

I have had so many days where I’m battling with my depression and you guys shine the light of Christ to me. I love hearing your positivity and love. You guys pull me out of the pit when I need it most – Isabelle

Ive been a Christian all my life but after losing my husband to suicide, my parents and my brother to illness, I needed to listen to a radio station that was positive and spoke the message of the Gospels into my heart and mind. Ive struggled for many years mentally but I know 96 Five is always there with an uplifting song just when I need it, or an encouraging word – Sandra

96five's Building Hope Appeal

The 96five team having some fun in the phone zone!

96five's Building Hope Appeal

Joe and Iris in the studio!

96five's Building Hope Appeal

Regular volunteers Sallie and Michael helping on the phones!

The legacy of your gift and prayers will continue for generations to come.