All my time in the office is being wasted on these videos! – 96five Family Radio

All my time in the office is being wasted on these videos!

By 96five Tuesday 29 May 2012Scotty and Sal

Apparently social media accounts for only 4% of wasted time at work, apparently the people running that survey had not found themselves staring down the barrel of a YouTube clip of sloths! This all began when a friend of mine stated that sloths were a mythical creature, and in an attempt to set her straight we got straight online to show her the world’s slowest animal…doing it’s thing…whatever that is. Long story short every time I get bored I find myself back on YouTube clicking onto video after video of sloths doing everything from climbing trees to squeaking.

If you don’t believe how addictive this practice is, just click the play button..and try to resist finding another 😉

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