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The best of the Call Me Maybe viral videos!

By 96five Saturday 9 Jun 2012Scotty and Sal

It’s okay to admit that it’s been stuck in your head for weeks, apologies, but I think we’re about to make it worse! Below are our three favorite Carly Rae Jepson Call Me Maybe viral videos!

1. Is the newest, and probably greatest! Jimmy Fallon, a late night TV host in the US recorded this backstage with Carly & his band The Roots before she joined them on his show. 12 (most bizarre) instruments were used. 

2. The Harvard Baseball players on the way to a match who decided to do the most blokey cover, of an incredibly girly song

3. Justin Bieber and some of his famous mates (including girlfriend Selena Gomez) mucking around one night

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