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How Many Girls Are In This Photo?

Some say 2, some say 13... can you solve this optical illusion? 

By Haylie PriceFriday 18 Mar 2016TrendingReading Time: 1 minute

There’s nothing like a good optical illusion photo to get the whole internet talking – and debating about who is right. 

Every weekend Instagram creates a Weekend Hastag Project (#WHP) encouraging people to upload photos to fit a particular theme. Last weekend they asked people to upload photos to match the theme of ‘unique identity – same but different’ under the hashtag #WHPidentity.

Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari uploaded the below photo, which features girls sitting in a plain room in Conthey, Switzerland. However, it’s not the theme of the photo that’s got everyone talking, but how many girls are actually in the photo.

Are there two girls sitting in front of a mirror? Are there thirteen girls all lined up? Are they sets of twins? The only things we know for sure is that there are at least two girls, one of them is tagged in the photo and they’re all wearing the same dress.


How many girls do you think there are?