Tails from the Photo Booth!

By Kathryn RichmondMonday 12 Sep 2016

Whether at a wedding, 50th Birthday celebration or just a spare 10 minutes at the shopping centre we have all pulled some wacky faces in a photo booth!

Turns out people are not the only one who the camera loves. The Humane Society of Utah made the pooches the star, showcasing their talents in a photo booth, as a way to encourage viewers to adopt the loveable pups. Not only did the campaign have great success with most dogs showcased being adopted but the pooches had a blast as well.

Kenai – Husky

No Kenai isn’t secretly judging you… he just has funny brows!

Rocco – Australian Shepherd

“What’s merle, keg-shaped and loud all over? Why Rocco of course!”

Boomer – Bluetick Coonhound

“Do you like to gossip? So does Boomer the six-month-old Bluetick Coonhound. He loves telling everyone all about everything! But don’t worry unless they speak dog, your secrets are safe!”

Lucky – Border Collie Mix

Woof woof, who’s there? Lucky that’s who! This comical gal is ready to entertain you for hours on end.


Are you looking for a furball of your own to love? The RSPCA is having is having Brisbane’s Biggest Adopt Out on Saturday the 17th September at the The Marquee, Brisbane Showgrounds. Check out all the details on their Website or Facebook.


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