Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls - tips & tricks to tame the mane

Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls

Is sending your little girl to school with a hairstyles that's not a ponytail is a challenge? There are a heap of tips & tricks to help you tame the mane!

By Christie MannWednesday 25 Jan 2017TrendingReading Time: 1 minute

Tips & Tricks for Taming that Mane

There was a little girl that had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead… There’s no denying that taming the mane and sending your little girl to school with a cute (or just neat) hairstyle can be quite a challenge.

In our experience there are actually two types of people in this world: people that can braid and people that can’t. If you are in the ‘I can’t’ (or don’t) braid camp then sending your little girl to school with more than a ponytail for a hairstyle can be a little bit of a challenge.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a ponytail. It is incredibly functional and takes no time to do (the perfect hairstyle really) – but, if you like variety, and you are stuck for some ideas – that’s where we come in! We have scoured and sourced the easiest, braid-less hairstyles that anyone can do!

Tip Number 1: Little elastic bands are your best friend!

Tip Number 2: Plaits are not braids! (PS going to bed with a plait reduces SO MANY KNOTS)

Tip Number 3: Buy elastics with the ribbon attached (or knot ribbon you have on elastics so they don’t disappear)

This article wouldn’t be complete without providing the coolest way to do a ponytail (EVER). So, if everything else fails, just get out the trusty vacuum cleaner ?