Why History, Society and Religion Regard Marriage as Heterosexual:
John Dickson

By Stephen O'DohertyMonday 14 Aug 2017Open House

Heterosexual marriage has been a building block of society for thousands of years.

Ancient history tells us that while same sex relationships have been evident in many civilisations, including Greek and Roman cultures, there was never a question of calling such relationships marriage.

According to the historian, theologian and founding director of the Centre for Public Christianity, Rev Dr John Dickson, this view held both for cultures influenced by the Bible and those that were not. John Dickson also believes there are very good reasons not to change that definition.

On Open House we spoke with John Dickson about the historical and Biblical reasons to uphold heterosexual marriage, and also about the need to conduct the present debate with sensitivity and grace.

Listen: Rev Dr John Dickson in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty

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