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The Wedding Cake made from supermarket ingredients!

By 96five Thursday 7 Sep 2017

Article written by 96five Intern – Stephanie Acraman

What would you do if your wedding cake didn’t show up on what was supposed to be a magical day?

26 year old bride Jade Neil was devastated when her $500 cake never arrived at her wedding in Townsville. However, it is thanks to the quick and innovative thinking of this bride, two sisters-in-law and a close friend that this masterpiece was put together –

 Woolwroths, Wedding, Cake

The bride had the creative thinking to make a cake using the classic Aussie Woolworths mud cakes and other ready-made ingredients to produce this – a cake you would hardly imagine was scrambled together last minute!

After feeling inspired by the work of these ladies, our own Steve gave three of the 96five girl’s – Christie, Nicky and Sha the same challenge who raced to make their own version of this masterpiece!

Watch the video below to find out who won the cake-off!


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