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Ignite Australia – With Angus Buchan

By 96five Friday 8 May 2020

Evangelist, author, and subject of the award-winning big-screen film Faith Like Potatoes.

Ignite Australia with Angus Buchan is a one off men’s event on Saturday May 16th at 7.30PM AEST. The event aims to bring together men from every walk of life across Australia to hear a powerful word from Angus and be encouraged in their walk with Christ.

The event will take place live on Zoom Conferencing along with Facebook Live.

Who is Angus Buchan?

Angus Buchan is an evangelist, author, and subject of the award-winning big-screen film Faith Like Potatoes.  In 2017 he hosted the first-ever “It’s Time” prayer gathering, which brought together over one million South African individuals and families to pray for a spiritual awakening in their nation. Since then these annual events have drawn millions to intercede on behalf of South Africa and the region.

Crowds gathered for prayer meeting

The heart behind this event is to be an inter-denominational gathering, inviting men from all around Australia to join together with churches, men’s ministries and men’s organisations to share and hear from Angus Buchan. Whether you are in the largest of city or the remotest parts of Australia we invite you to join us as we pray and look to God to move in our lives and in our nation.

How to attend…

We want to invite every man to join with us in hearing Angus Buchan share on Saturday, May 16th at 7.30PM AEST. Men can register for the Live Zoom Meeting* or can watch live on the Facebook event page.

* Due to Zoom’s 1000 person capacity, 1000 men will have the opportunity to hear Angus Buchan live on Zoom with all additional men being able to join in live on Facebook through the Ignite Australia with Angus Buchan Facebook event page.

Angus Buchan Speaking in Stadium


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