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CBM Miracles Day – Thank You For Your Support!

By Justin RouillonFriday 16 Aug 2019

Thank you Brisbane, for changing the life of someone in a developing country.

Because of your partnership on Miracle’s Day you have been able to provide 6037 miracles; that figure is still rising!


It’s amazing to think that for only $33 we can restore sight to someone in a developing country who needs it, but could never afford to pay for it.

But what does sight restored mean in a human sense?

Reena post-op and waiting for the patch to be removed.

For Reena (pictured above) it means she can now go to school after she was abandoned by both parents.

For Sabitra it means she’s overcome with joy that her child can see like other kids.  She now has hope that her child can go on to further study and break the poverty cycle.

For Anand it means living a normal life after a simple accident and incorrect medical treatment at the age of 10 left him blind.

Jibarhil and Sunil are now able to return to work and provide for their respective families providing stability and a sense of purpose.

Ken, Nicky, Steve & Susie with CBM eye patients.

90% of people who are visually impaired live in developing countries, and it’s through the work of organisations like CBM that people are able to regain their sight with a simple operation.

So thanks Brisbane for making a difference to someone who you will never meet, but who will be eternally grateful.

Check out the gallery below of some of our teams experiences as Ken, Nicky and Steve as well as Luke and Susie broadcast from a CBM supported eye hospital in remote Nepal.

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