Gift in your Will can help us at 96five Family Radio

A Gift in your Will

A Gift for the Future

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed. Robert H. Schuller

A significant amount of our income come as a gift from valued members and donors, just like you, who commit to this ministry by making a donation or by renewing their membership year after year. This ensures that we can continue to broadcast a message of love and hope to your community.

During your lifetime, you may not be in a position to financially support 96five as often as you wish, however you can remember 96five in your Will.

In supporting the work of 96five, you are a Partner in our mission and your support is critical in continuing the ongoing ministry and operations of 96five.

You are investing into 96five… family’s number one!

There are special requirements for leaving a bequest, we suggest you contact us so that we can give you proper advice.

I would like to leave 96five a gift in my will, what do I need to consider?

If you are considering leaving a bequest to 96five, there are a number of options, you can:

• Specify a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate, or an asset (i.e. property or shares)
• Leave all, or a percentage of the residue of your estate, after other specific legacies have been fulfilled
• Provide all or a share of your estate in the event that some of the principal beneficiaries do not survive you
• Take out a life insurance policy with 96five named as a beneficiary and enjoy the tax benefits.

We recommend you discuss the options with your family and solicitor.

We appreciate every single gift from you and the Brisbane community. Help us to continue to support the families of Brisbane!